I was asked a question recently via Instagram DM by an Indian follower, who wanted to know which travel agencies I used to travel so often. I travel full time, moving country to country every month or few weeks, and I’ve not used a travel agency since visiting Cuba about 10 years ago. The reason I used a travel agency then was due to naivety and necessity. There was only one way to fly directly to Cuba from the UK and that was using a chartered flight through one specific travel agency who no longer exist. This scenario is rare though, you can literally book the flights yourself, book your accommodation yourself, and figure out whether you need a visa yourself.

Wikipedia has a list of visa requirements for most countries. Here is the list for British citizens.

Step 1:

  • Find out whether you need a visa to visit the country of choice
  • Apply for the visa if required (you may have to provide flight and accommodation information to apply)

Step 2:

  • Go on Booking.com and look for accommodation. If you’re waiting for a visa, book refundable accommodation.

Step 3:

  • Book a flight. Refundable or flexible to change would be better if you’re waiting for a visa, as you may get denied the visa.

After arriving:

If you have your hotel booked, you’ve just landed from your flight, just go through immigration and leave the airport. The easiest option is a taxi, or Uber. Most airports have free wifi and ways to buy tourist sim cards.

If you’ve done prior research, you’ll probably know about the public transport of the city. If so, jump on the bus or the train to the city centre and then find your way to your accommodation.


You do not need a travel agency to do this for you. They are a pointless middleman in most circumstances. If you want a completely hassle-free all-inclusive holiday, then go with an agency, they’ll deal with the flights, transfers and hotel for you, but you’ll pay a lot more and literally just stay in the hotel for 2 weeks. Whatever floats your boat.

Some places require you to use tourist agencies like Turkmenistan, North Korea and so on. Just do your research first.