Digital nomads live a nomadic lifestyle, moving from place to place and staying digitally connected. Digital nomads use technology and communication tools to do their jobs remotely to travel around the country or around the world.

Some working nomads stay in one place for a while, then take root for a few weeks or months before moving on. Some people choose to change cities or countries more frequently. They work in coffee shops, hotel rooms, airplanes, co-working spaces and even trailers.

No matter what setup you want, the digital nomad lifestyle relies on remote work to easily fund all your travel.

Digital Nomad vs. Location Independent

Digital nomads are location-agnostic, although the two terms appear to be interchangeable, there are some differences. Digital nomads who work remotely are location-agnostic workers, but they travel almost all the time. They may have sold their house and lived a full life on the road.

A location independent worker typically has a home base, but may pick up and travel for a couple weeks. Their job does not tie them to a specific city, state, or country, but they likely live in one place.

Digital Nomad vs Traveller

A digital nomad has a digital job, based on their laptop/iPad/phone, whereas a traveller would either not have a job, and just travel, rather than travel and work. However, a traveller could pick up non-remote jobs whilst travelling, like working in a bar/restaurant or some other form of work that isn’t a remote job.