If you plan to travel any time and become a long-term digital nomad, you may want to cut costs and save money. Here are some ways you can save money while traveling.


Make sure you book accommodation with some kind of kitchen, whether it’s a hostel with a shared kitchen, which will be the cheapest option, or an apartment with a kitchen or kitchenette. Use the supermarket to buy groceries, make your own breakfast, lunch and dinner, make packed lunches, and use this as a way to save big bucks instead of eating out at restaurants every day, which will add up quickly and your budget will eat Light.

Hostels vs Apartments

Unless you’re camping, a hostel is probably the cheapest place to stay, which is unlikely if you’re a digital nomad since you’ll need electricity and wifi! Determine if the cost savings of staying in a hotel compared to living alone in an apartment outweigh the disadvantages. The money you save in a hotel can make you travel longer.

Fly less often

Outside of Europe, flights are expensive, especially in South America, so try to use buses, trains (if available), carpools, or other transportation options that can keep costs down. You’ll also pay less for a flight if you’re staying longer in one place, and you might get a discount for staying longer in an apartment or hotel.


Needless to say, free nights are a great way to save money. Decide if you can hang out with a random person, how long can you really do that? As a digital nomad, you still need to work!

Cheaper countries

Iceland or Nepal? If you want to spend less, choose a cheaper country. As long as you are comfortable in the country you are visiting and can do your job well, that is all that matters. Lower cost is a bonus. For example, you will obviously spend less time in Iceland (if you have the budget) than in Nepal.